PAUL DUMITRU | Graphic Recorder & Owner
Paul has been doing storytelling in all sorts of shapes since 2006, as a business journalist, online marketing adviser, social media enthusiast, creative thinker and educator, both as a freelancer and an entrepreneur.

He started his journey in the realm of drawings in 2012 and started to do graphic recording in 2014. Since that moment on, as a Graphic Recorder and Facilitator, he’s been contributing in all sorts of projects in Romania, Great Britain, Belgium, Cyprus, Sweden, France, Slovakia, Spain and Italy.

His magic stands in masterfully combining all these skills and experiences to help people express their ideas and stories in an engaging, powerful way, both offline and online, with the help of visualization.


RENATA MACOVEANU | Graphic Recorder
Renata has been practicing storytelling and drawing in her work as an educator and trainer with children – a nurturing field where she active since 2005. She worked in kindergartens, schools and entrepreneurial projects around children’s education.

She’s also been playing with her drawing skills to do paintings on large canvases and she’s also mastering the art of crafting, using materials of all types to do games and activities.

Her magic is in adding a bit of artistry in all her visual work, whether digital or on paper. She started to do graphic recording in 2016 and she’s been delivering projects in Romania ever since.


ANDREEA BUZEC | Graphic Recorder
Andreea has more than 10 years experience in designing and implementing learning processes and projects on topics related to local development, entrepreneurship, communication, leadership, facilitation and community organizing.

She’s been part of such projects all across the seas, in Romania, Tajikistan, Burundi, Senegal, Reunion, Peru and the Balkans.

She is currently in charge of employer branding within BRD – Groupe Société Générale and she’s never missed the opportunity to integrate graphic facilitation in her work, whether it was about business processes, innovation or capacity building.