In recent years, Animated Videos became an important tool for businesses who want to visualize and explaining situations, processes, services and products. These animations are usually called explainer videos.

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How they work

Animated videos can help a team to explain to a certain audience a part of their activity, a service that they offer or a product that they are creating (or preparing to launch) and how any of these is solving a certain need.

If it’s an NGO, it can also be a video that explains a certain challenging situation in society or one that showcases their impact.

This audience can be composed of external clients, possible clients, or internal clients. It can be people who first interact with the company this way.

Illustration Styles

From here, there are usually 3 main styles of animated videos used in the business realm, and also those we can cover:

Scribe Videos

An animated hand creates the outline of a series of symbols that comprise a short story, narrated by a voice. (also called whiteboard animation*).

2D outline videos

An animated short story, narrated by a voice, in which the elements interract with each other and move. The drawn elements are outlined and can be colored.

2D flat videos

An animated short story, narrated by a voice, in which the elements interract With each other and move. The drawn elements are flat, with no outline, appearing just as plain color.

How scribe videos started*
The scribe videos first took the stage when RSAnimate began visualizing innovative and renowned TED speeches. They were filming a hand while it was drawing certain concepts from those speeches along with the voice of the speaker, narrating in the background.

In this way, the drawings become a support for the visual side of the mind. You see how the story unfolds, while it’s being narrated by the storyteller.

While RSA started off by filming the hand which was drawing the story and then created a fast forwards animation, many companies recreated that process in the digital world. Within certain apps, you are now able to upload outlined drawings and then have a “fake” hand who is able to move around that outline, replicating the RSA videos.

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