Sometimes, ideas need to come to life in other shapes and formats. On booklets, badges, flip charts prepared in advance, infographics, websites. You name it! Visualisation can never be considered too much, because it always serves the purpose of explaining and inspiring.

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When you can apply it

Contact us and let us know what needs to be translated into the visual language. We’re here to help you decipher noise from true content. And to make the plans for what you need. We can provide you with visuals that can easily go on:

Flip Charts

You might have an important presentation to make: a pitch, company’s yearly report, a plan. How about you take that PowerPoint away and get more humane with hand-drawn illustrations? How about you change the status quo in terms of LIVE presentations?


Are you issuing a booklet? It might be post-event of post-project, to showcase and explain how things worked, what are the results, the conclusions, the steps forward, the actors involved, the funding you still need to continue. Bring it to life, add visuals to it!


We’ve all had hard times trying to fit in huge amounts of information and still keep it readable. But what if figures could glow? What if data had glitter around? What if research, reports, results, and any other dry info could be elevated and brought into the spotlights?

Digital Presentations

The migration towards the digital is not to fear, but to embrace. Yet, we propose you a different approach: visuals that are more friendly, more approachable. It’s easier to reach your audience when your presentation tells a visually rich story, than words, figures, tables…

Events materials

If you plan an event, apart from the Graphic Recording or Graphic Facilitation, you can upgrade it also by visually aligning the other materials involved, adding the freshness and friendliness of hand drawn illustration to badges, cards, flyers and many more.