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Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth entrepreneurship is a solution that must be nurtured, offered support and given space.

Transactional Analysis ’19

A major subject for whomever is interested in wellbeing, personal development and psychological health.


We're gathering today some tens of petabytes per year. Enough to say that 1 Petabyte = 1 million Gigabytes.

The summit of good

The building blocks of the changes that need to be done for the evolution of the public policies in Romania.

Innoteque ’19

The world works on relationships. And that's no news! But how about taking it to a PRO level?

Design Thinking Forum ’18

Empowering people to take ownership for the direction of the ship by building the path themselves.

ESA Pfi-week ’18

Satellites are now elevating human activities, like agriculture, climate change tracking, deforestation etc.

The future of work

Everything is fast-paced in a world that reached a point where people live as if they have 30 hours/day.

Destination: management

Involving a handful of talented young people in building your company's future is not an easy job.

Clicktivism or Activism?

A 5 day seminar on new trends of political participation and civic engagement of young people.

HR Club Gala 2016

Dave Ulrich, Business Professor, author and consultant: how can organisations and leaders deliver value.

TCP 2015 (Malmö)

Towards Collaborative Practices - the place where social entrepreneurship meets youth workers.

BIG plans for 2014

Drawing the business plans of a local entrepreneur for 2014: an undoubtedly complex year.

Future of our children

46 people from the three countries work together around the impact of military activity in Ukraine.

The holiday theft

In Romania, 3 people have their house robbed every hour,mostly because of their own neglect.

Corporate communication

Workshop on corporate communication: "Putting the employee back in employee communication".

Social Media Summit 2016

Romanian social media peaked at 3 million blogs readers and 8 million active accounts on Facebook.

Youth work. Where?

Putting up a draft recommendation of the Council of Europe regarding the contribution of Youth Work.

Learn ● Unlearn ● Relearn

Could we alter the way we follow the learning process so that evolution takes a different form?

United Way Gala

The business model of an NGO: how things really work and the massive role of contributors.

The Balanced Woman

Women entrepreneurs and leaders shouldn't have to give up their feminine side in their search for success.

IPF: Business planning

A compelling visual reminder of what the Institute for Happiness plans to do in the year of 2014.

Make it happen!

TEDx Bucharest: Recovering life after a parachute failed to open, what is electro-smog and many other stories.


Andreea Baciu
Andreea BaciuBusiness Manager, Qualians
They have magic dust in their hands! Their drawings are an anchor in people's minds and hearts and this way they manage to make the event memorable!

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Valentin Carțiș
Valentin CarțișOrange Romania
It was a pleasure to have Picturise as a provider. Apart from the graphic facilitation talent, they have an exceptional understanding of the business environment, deciphering our requests even if they weren’t explicitly detailed.

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Alexandra Pode
Alexandra PodePartner, Business Model Inc.
We worked together on several conferences and client assignments and we trust Picturise's capacity to distill and visualize the essence of the conversations they are recording.

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Philip Zimmermann
Philip ZimmermannFIFA
Picturise played a crucial role in providing summaries of each workshop block. Everyone in the workshop was amazed of how detailed and precise the information was summarised visually while giving a perfect overview of the general content.

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Meral Ismail
Meral IsmailHR Coordinator, Arctic
Picturise proved a great capability of refining the ideas and understanding at the same time the major subjects that were important to us. Through visuals, the ideas get sharper and sometimes things impossible to express find a way into the light.

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Teodora Stoica
Teodora StoicaProject manager, Save the Children Romania
The videos that we created with Picturise have been part of our most successful campaigns in schools and have been used extensively by teachers in non-formal educational activities with over 50.000 pupils across Romania.

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Liliana Bizau
Liliana BizauSEE Learning and Development Leader, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
I encourage you to try this new way of awareness aid, graphic harvesting, if you want give your people the chance to be the creators of their own learning and boost their creativity!

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Claudia Oprescu
Claudia OprescuAsociația Devision
I recommend them not only for their amazing drawings or capacity to deliver impactful trainings on graphic facilitation, but also because they encourage people to discover their creativity and embrace it.

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Carmen Cucul
Carmen CuculStrategic Marketing Manager, Johnson & Johnson Romania
They stood up beautifully to the challenge of capturing our thoughts for the future in a compelling and vivid story. Their graphic canvas is now exhibited in our premises and used as leitmotiv in our project communication.

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Livia Radulescu
Livia RadulescuProgram manager, RICAP
The working process was effective and fun, they asked lots of good questions and were careful to gain a thorough understanding of the project before setting out to work, and then included us in the process along the way.

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Elena Coman
Elena ComanProject Manager, Techsoup Romania
Their work was deeply appreciated by everyone. They have a capacity for synthetic work and a joyful creativity that is very rare and can help you understand your work from an entirely different perspective.

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Eric Faidy
Eric FaidyHead of Michelin Central & Southeastern Europe
Their drawings helped us make the change process more clear and friendly. They are relaxed, creative and have a positive mind-set. I recommend Picturise if you want a visual representation of your meeting, conference or workshop.

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