Founder, Graphic Facilitator & Trainer

Paul has been doing storytelling in all sorts of shapes since 2006, as a business journalist, online marketing adviser, social media enthusiast, creative thinker and educator, both as a freelancer and an entrepreneur.

He started his journey in the realm of drawings in 2012 and started to do graphic recording in 2014. Since that moment on, as a Graphic Recorder and Facilitator, he’s been contributing in all sorts of projects in Romania, UK, Belgium, Cyprus, Sweden, France, Slovakia, Spain and Italy.

His magic stands in masterfully combining all these skills and experiences to help people express their ideas and stories in an engaging, powerful way, both offline and online, with the help of visualization.

Graphic Facilitator

Renata has been practicing storytelling and drawing in her work as an educator and trainer with children – a nurturing field where she active since 2005. She worked in kindergartens, schools and entrepreneurial projects around children’s education.

She’s also been playing with her drawing skills to do paintings on large canvases and she’s also mastering the art of crafting, using materials of all types to do games and activities.

Her magic is in adding a bit of artistry in all her visual work, whether digital or on paper. She started to do graphic recording in 2016 and she’s been delivering projects in Romania, Moldova, Italy, UK and Turkey ever since.

Graphic Facilitator & Trainer

Andreea has more than 10 years experience in designing and implementing learning processes and projects on topics related to local development, entrepreneurship, communication, leadership, facilitation and community organizing.

She’s been part of such projects all across the seas, in Romania, Tajikistan, Burundi, Senegal, Reunion, Peru and the Balkans.

She is currently in charge of employer branding within BRD – Groupe Société Générale and she’s never missed the opportunity to integrate graphic facilitation in her work, whether it was about business processes, innovation or capacity building.

Communication & Content Specialist 

Andri is passionate about igniting communities and engaging people through the power of cleverly-shaped texts, creative visuals and videos. All of this, driven by measurable objectives. That’s what communication done well feels like in the modern age.

Starting 2016, she’s been a Communications and Social Media expert for various projects in the world of Business, Academia and Youth Work, making use of an efficient amalgam of skills and know-how, from online marketing to project management, communication theory and graphic design.

Her super-power in infusing online projects and LIVE events with energy and engagement, helping people to feel connected and take part in the on-going conversation.

Video Animation Illustrator

Mădălina has been playing with various forms of illustration since 2008. After studying art in high-school, she’d turned into both an art student and an early entrepreneur, starting her own fashion design boutique: design for accessories, bags, home decoration and kids toys.

Since 2015, she’s dedicated to creating illustrations for animated videos. Which she successfully combines with graphic design, crafting brochures, logos, video mapping, and murals.

Her magic is about always finding the silver lining in the most challenging and inextricable of requests, being rightfully deemed as the master of story boards.

Motion Designer

Claudiu started his endeavour in animation land in 2012, and it happened rather by chance. He was called upon to help a cousin of his for a big event. Who would have thought it was about to become a key moment when he’d fall in love with videography?

From that point on, he worked on animated crawlers, logos and backgrounds. And then, in 2015, he started working on 2D animated videos, in parallel with video directing.

Apart from this, he still likes to tinker as a video technician for large scale events, to do video mapping (those cool-looking projections on buildings), and, when time is at hand, leading some Romanian gaming communities from his pumped-up computer.

Multimedia Creator

Vlad has been into multimedia production for more than 8 years, turning a childhood wonder and passion into a full-time profession. He fell in love with photography when he discovered how beautifully and creatively his camera could turn a single moment into something palpable and enduring.

He graduated film and TV production and started doing product and portrait photography, educational videos, LIVE streaming, voiceover recordings and more. He’s had more than 100 projects, with clients from all sectors, taking further his mission to help people bring into the light key aspects of their work and life.

In his own time, he’s a devoted caretaker of an old Dacia car, which he manually turned into a motorized hotshot, and he’s creating videos on restful cooking on his personal Youtube channel.

Coordinator of Animated Videos

Oana has been looking for creativeness in her work and life for a long time and finally found it at Picturise. But she’s always been walking courageously on her career path: after 7 years as a recruiting specialist and internal trainer in a corporation, she jumped into the world of NGOs, where she dedicated her work to helping children with severe health problems and doing group support and therapy with their families.

That’s where she hit the RESET button of the values and principles that guided her life. She started looking for roles that would bring her more meaning in life and it’s the reason why, in the other half of her life, she’s now an established psychotherapist.

Oana is taking her life energy from interacting with people and she’s at her best when it comes to connecting the best solutions with the best resources, for an outstanding result!