Philip Zimmermann
Technical Leadership Programme Manager, FIFA
Picturise supported us during a 5-day online workshop. While spending a full week with over 40 participants seemed challenging in the beginning, Picturise played a crucial role in providing summaries of each workshop block. This helped us tremendously to recap the content of the previous day while staying focused on the content of the new day. Everyone in the workshop was amazed of how detailed and precise the information was summarised visually while giving a perfect overview of the general content. In addition, we all participated in a one-hour masterclass on how to use some techniques to take better visual notes. As this was not directly linked to our overall theme, it was a fresh element, appreciated by all of us.

Teodora Stoica
Project manager, Save the Children Romania
For the last three years, Picturise has been an integral part in our efforts to bring the principles of online safety, digital citizenship and wellbeing closer to the hearts and minds of children and teachers we work with. The educational video resources that we have created with their support have been part of our most successful campaigns in schools and have been used extensively by teachers in non-formal educational activities with over 50.000 pupils across Romania.

We vastly appreciated Picturise’s creativity, attention to detail, commitment, flexibility and we felt that their input and feedback were invaluable in creating an impactful outcome. I strongly encourage anyone interested in conveying messages in an impactful manner through graphic methods, while also having a pleasant and excellent collaboration to contact Picturise! I know my team and I are looking forward to working with them again.

Valentin Carțiș
Employee Experience Partner, Orange Romania
We worked with Picturise for creating a series of posters that would showcase the specificities of our internal Personas – a cumulus of traits that matched certain parts of the personalities of our employees. We needed them for several internal Design Thinking workshops and for enabling us to map and create new experiences for our employees, thus understanding them better.

Folks at Picturise were very receptive to feedback, engaged and paid attention to all details, while participating in our meetings in order to better understand the insides of these Personas. They managed to capture their complexities and represent them graphically in a very accessible way. Further on, even though it wasn’t part of the initial request, they were able to find very quickly the right partners to transform the physical posters into digital graphical elements, so that we could use them in our internal and external communication.

It was a pleasure to have Picturise as a provider. Apart from the graphic facilitation talent, they have an exceptional understanding of the business environment, understanding our requests even if they weren’t explicitly expressed. These details allowed the project to flow smoothly and be delivered on the deadline, while the time needed was precisely reevaluated every time we had to majorly change demands. Thank you for your professionalism that became a landmark even for me.

Carmen Cucul
Strategic Marketing Manager, Johnson & Johnson Romania
We have collaborated with Picturise for an important change management project in Janssen Romania back in 2014. They stood up beautifully to the challenge of capturing our thoughts for the future in a compelling and vivid story. Their graphic canvas is now exhibited in our premises and used as leitmotiv in our project communication. We are happy to see young and talented artists like them helping business such as ours put a face to an abstract concept of change management.

Andreea Baciu
Business Manager, Qualians
Their drawings are an anchor in people’s minds and hearts! Being that a Focus Group or a Strategy Meeting, participants’s insights are very well captured on Picturise’s graphic. Through their drawings, they manage to make the event memorable! Needless to mention it is a pleasure to work with them – very easy going, relaxed, in charge, trustworthy and fun!

Meral Ismail
HR Coordinator, Arctic
The summary of a meeting is sometimes different than what you’d expect. Picturise demonstrated that, through visuals, the ideas get sharper and sometimes things impossible to express find a way into the light. The final impact was very powerful, the visual message being so much easier to remember for a longer period. Picturise proved a great capability of refining the ideas and understanding at the same time the major subjects that were important to us. This way, the resulting image summarized extremely well the main points of our meeting.

Alexandra Pode
Partner, Business Model Inc.
We worked together on several conferences and client assignments and we trust Picturise’s capacity to distill and visualize the essence of the conversations they are recording while at the same time enriching the meaning through inspired visual metaphors. With background in journalism and different “play with words” settings, people at Picturise are accurate listeners and have experienced ears at distinguishing true content from noise.

Eric Faidy
Head of Michelin Central & Southeastern Europe
We have worked with Picturise on one of our internal workshops for the executive team. Their drawings helped us make the change process more clear and friendly. They are relaxed, creative and have a positive mind-set. I recommend Picturise if you want a visual representation of your meeting, conference or workshop.

Liliana Bizau
SEE Learning and Development Leader, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
The contribution Picturise had to the quality of the program helped the event become more valuable and impactful for the participants. The charts produced are now displayed in the office space as reminders of the main messages, as they were produced by the participants with relevant and meaningful visual representations. I do encourage you to try this new way of awareness aid, graphic harvesting, if you want give your people the chance to be the creators of their own learning and boost their creativity!

Elena Coman
Project Manager, Techsoup Romania
Picturise not only created a most accurate and creative graphic recording of the debate, but they did it under a great public pressure, under the cameras and spotlights, for the entire 2 hours of the discussion. The Ministery of Education was there, the event was live-streamed, topics were flying and changing at the pace of a TV debate. Their work was deeply appreciated by everyone. They have a capacity for synthetic work and a joyful creativity that is very rare and can help you understand your work from an entirely different perspective.

Livia Radulescu
Program manager, RICAP
We had just launched a new project, had a lot of information to convey, parts of which quite technical, to a pretty diverse group of people and needed someone to help us do that in a simple, compelling and friendly way. Picturise did just that. The visual presentation he made for us combined great graphic work with a structured way of telling the story and all the right words. The working process was effective and fun, they asked lots of good questions and were careful to gain a thorough understanding of the project before setting out to work, and then included us in the process along the way.