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When I was in school, it was always a pain to learn from my own notes, no matter how beautiful or horrifying my writing was! Just because it was… dull: notebooks full of letters.

It was the same as I started going to interviews as a journalist, attended conferences and workshops, scheduled sales and strategy meetings for developing my business. Four years ago I found another way to do this. A better way. That of the creative mind and the playful pen. From my own experience I tell you that these two can transform and redefine your note taking, your agenda, your meetings, your projects and your life.


Example: Pitch for RICAP
[Click for the bigger picture]

HOW? We will draw, talk, play and explore. We will discover how everything we do can become a symbol and what colors well used communicate by themselves.

Through drawings, not only do you become more engaged in whatever you are listening to, but it can also help you to see the larger picture, get structured, capture more details, and record things in such a way that it’s easier (and more interesting) to remember what everything was about even months or years later, just by flicking through the pages of your agenda.

How to break the fear of perfectionism in drawing and start taking visual notes to help you re-energize your meetings, structure your projects and give your agenda a creative boost.

Because through sketch notes you can enhance the way you process what you hear and see, increase your capacity of understanding complex business issues and effectively communicate them to others. And make your note taking meaningful and visually compelling.


Claudia Oprescu
Claudia OprescuAsociația Devision
I recommend them not only for their amazing drawings or capacity to deliver impactful trainings on graphic facilitation, but also because they encourage people to discover their creativity and embrace it.

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