Are we living in Wasteland?

For every 2 tons of stuff we buy from the grocery store, 1 ton is wasted. About 20% of all food that enters kitchens goes to the bin. And we cultivate an area the size of India, Kazakhstan and Mongolia just to waste everything. Let’s admit it! This is crazy! But Scotland is one very […]

The future is now! Update or fall behind, dear EU

Envy was creeping inside of me just as I was walking down the paved streets of the Bratislava’s old town. You know why? Because I was thinking that Bucharest, my hometown, could have come all this way, too. Yet it didn’t. The Slovak Republic became independent after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, in 1993, not long […]

EDD16: The EU Awakens

It’s mid June, 7 am, Brussels. It’s already plain daylight and pouring rain, so I have no chance of using my one-week bike rental pass this morning. Not even a Dutch would get his ass out on a bike on a day like this. Or… OK, maybe a Dutch would actually do it. Anyway… time is […]

This is why you should never talk to strangers (with drawings!)

Tip: explore the drawing at the top of the post (or click here to open it) to see what the Police and the insurance company advise you to do in order to avoid being a victim of theft. Parents were always right when they said that you should never talk to strangers! In short: because then they use […]

A summit for the social media hype

If social media was a person living in Bucharest, there has been created an event where she could go on stage, in the highlights, so that people could gather around and stare at her unique combination of professional, colloquial and somewhat fashionable glare. This was called the “Social Media Summit”, and the 2016 edition took […]

Crafting a recommendation for the future of youth

There is unrest in the European Union, as its unity and values shiver in the face of recent challenges. Some people go so far that they even doubt the EU will endure. One of the things that scorched the very heart of the European Union is the imminent EURO zone crisis. The so called Grexit has been hardly avoided this […]

The collaboration that we’re all missing

On a sunny-rainy shore at the Baltic Sea, where coldness and snow should cover the land at this time of year – if it wasn’t for the so-called global warming, there is a windy-yet-warm city with red brick buildings, where people still populate lively terraces invigorated by heaters. Here, at night, you can walk the land and, from a […]

Why activism isn’t about politics

Beyond the salty blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, not far from Greece and pretty close to Turkey and Syria, lies the isle of Cyprus. One can journey along the roads that go amid arid areas, or get lost in cities with rich vegetation and people staying up on the streets and pubs until late […]

Graphic facilitation for better communication – The Story

*psss! check the videos at the end of the article! In the salty air of a rainy summer morning of July, I put my flip-flops on and quickly descended the spiral stairs of the 2 floor mansion not far from the Black Sea shore, went past the 6 sleeping dogs and entered the training room – which […]

TEDxCluj 2014: A drawings marathon

Having the fortune to be quartered in an elegant hotel planted on Calea Turzii, one long lane that cuts right through the middle of the southern half of Cluj-Napoca, meant TEDxCluj 2014 was at a walking distance. 17 minutes by Google Maps. And boy, was I eager to get to know this calm, yet growing […]

The creative wave of sketchnoting

In the second half of September 2014, in a land where the soft warm winds of autumn make the palm trees warble and humid air is filled with the strong smell of olives, summer seems to never really end. Even the daylight stretch far into the evening, splashing red and purple on the western sky. Right at this very moment, […]

Leaders Academy 7th edition visual

How would it be if you could take a week off and go to the mountains to have one of the most waking experience in your life about taking the leadership role seriously and doing whatever it takes to accomplish the mission of your team. Whether that means to build a boat with almost bare […]

Romania’s European Dreams point to Education

Education! This is, it seems, Romania’s dream, direction, the lighthouse for the years to come. But it’s not just that. The European Commission organized on the 15th of April in Bucharest, a conference titled “After 10 years…”, celebrating a decade since the start of the last big wave of adhering Countries. Romania was part of […]

Dare to Sketch Note goes to Iasi

The Dare to Sketch Note Workshop starts early on this year, thanks to the people from The Grape. This rather young and enthusiastic co-working space in Iași invited me to hold a session for their members and other people interested in giving life to visual notes on March 14, 2014. There was a great atmosphere […]

Graphic facilitation: Adi’s plans for 2014

How would it be if we could envision our plans? Would it be easier afterwords to make them work? I believe that’s the effect! Drawing Adrian‘s plans for 2014 has been quite the most complex job I have done until now. Not only because he’s got quite a complex year in itself, but also because it has […]